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Auto, truck, and motorcycle accidents cause personal injury, hardship and expense to innocent victims every day in Florida. At the Law Offices of Corey Cartwright, P.A., in Daytona Beach, FL, we recognize that even if you are extremely careful, you can still become involved in these types of accidents. Vehicle accident damage extends beyond the obvious for many people also, when they have internal bodily damage, especially to the spine, neck or head areas. You may have just property damage claims, or extensive medical and rehabilitation claims. In very serious accidents, survivors may need to pursue compensation for loss of a loved one due to a wrongful death caused by negligent behavior.

Law Offices of Corey Cartwright, P.A.

If you are involved in a vehicle accident and need help, we are always available at the Law Offices of Corey Cartwright, P.A. We serve people statewide and also have a friends and family referral service. A majority of our law practice is dedicated to helping clients deal with their injuries and property damage caused by other negligent drivers that resulted in auto, truck and motorcycle accidents. We have extensive experience winning cases at mediation and arbitration meetings, as well as in Florida courtrooms.

Attorney Corey Cartwright

Fighting for justice is what Attorney Corey Cartwright does best. He works hard for clients who have been injured, arrested or who have damage claims related to auto, truck and motorcycle accidents. The impact of accident injuries caused by other drivers who cause accidents due to their negligent behavior can have long-lasting, expensive and tragic results.

People miss work, lose jobs and income, incur high medical bills and some die in these accidents. You may need rehabilitation, retraining for a different job, long-term medical or nursing home care. Your loved ones may have to deal with an untimely death of their loved one from a vehicle accident, loss of companionship, guardianship and the expenses of a funeral and burial. No matter how small or complex your case, Attorney Corey Cartwright will stand strong for your rights and fight for justice for you.

Florida Auto Accident Attorney

Corey Cartwright is a Florida Auto Accident Attorney who has helped hundreds of people statewide who have claims to pursue following accidents due to negligent behavior by another person. You should not suffer because someone else was careless. Get the justice you deserve, so you can again move forward and enjoy life.

Contact the Law Offices of Corey Cartwright, P.A., in Fort Pierce and Daytona Beach, FL, to learn how we can help you recover from your vehicle accident injuries and property damage. Call us today, at (800) 766-4679 for your free consultation.

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