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Separation/Settlement Agreements

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Often prior to divorcing the involved parties will separate and live for a period of time separately. It is advisable to have drafted a "separation agreement" if you wish to do this. I can explain what is involved in a separation agreement and how it can be used to protect you during a period of living separately. Sometimes after living separately for a period of time the parties will reconcile and decide to live together again and not pursue an eventual divorce. In that case the separation agreement can be terminated.

Even if you do not wish to live separately for a period of time you may want to consider a settlement agreement as a way of resolving the issues in your divorce prior to filing the complaint for divorce.

Separation and property settlement agreements are legal contracts which may provide for the terms of your separation, child custody, child support, property division, responsibility for joint debts, maintenance provisions and any other issues that you and your spouse may have arising out of your marriage. Such agreements can also be used to settle Paternity cases where the parents of a child were never married or in cases where parties lived together acquiring joint property and debts but were never married.

If you and your spouse or former partner would like to separate in an agreeable manner without resorting to litigation, then working together to reach a settlement agreement is a good way to go. Using a Collaborative model is a way to do this in a non-adversarial manner.

I can assist you in negotiating a settlement agreement that takes into consideration all of the issues that are important to you, your future and your children's future.